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Niobium Seamless Ring - Purple

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Niobium seamless ring in an anodized purple color, filed by hand to eliminate sharp edges and snagging, finished with polish and sanitized. Listing is for 1 piece, made by hand.

Uses: Healed piercings for nose, helix, orbital, conch, daith, rook, eyebrow, hood, navel, septum, other cartilage piercings.


Niobium - anodized purple color.

Gauge (piercing size): 

24g = 0.5mm
22g = 0.6mm
20g = 0.8mm
18g = 1.0mm
16g = 1.2mm
14g = 1.6mm

Size (Inner Diameter): 

4mm = 1/8"
5mm = 3/16"
6mm < 1/4"
7mm > 1/4"
8mm = 5/16"
9mm < 3/8"
10mm > 3/8"
11mm = 7/16"
12mm < 1/2"
13mm > 1/2"
14mm = 9/16"
15mm < 5/8"
16mm = 5/8"
17mm < 11/16"

= equals / < less than / > more than / ~ about


How to wear this: Hold gently on both sides of the seam, twist sideways at the seam to open only as wide as needed, insert into piercing, and twist back to close making sure the seam ends are together and smooth.


***Body jewelry cannot be returned due to hygiene standards that keep you safe from metals that react with the body and other hygiene reasons.

This product is nickel free.