Collection: Yellow Gold Fill

All 14k yellow gold fill and yellow gold IP body jewelry. 

14k yellow gold fill in this shop is nickel free. It’s recommended for healed piercings. Gold fill is multiple thick layers of solid gold that is pressure bonded with a brass core. It’s highly durable, great quality, and a cost effective alternative. It is NOT plated or overlay. 

In the rare case gold fill comes in contact with sulfides it can blacken. Sulfides can be found in hair products, lotion, makeup, and aerosols. You can limit contact by using organic and natural alternatives in your daily life. 

IP is short for ion plated. It is hypoallergenic, reliable against damage from high impact lifestyles, IP can fade if it comes in contact with saltwater, chlorine, and excessive sun overexposure. With poor care, it will last about 5 years  with proper care, it can last for decades with touch up polishing  

PvD is short for physical vapor deposition.  It uses vacuum pressure to coat jewelry with titanium nitride that’s resistant to sweat and regular wear.  PvD is both decorative and durable.