Meet Your Designer

Marie Lane

Artist, Small Business Owner, Designer, Metalsmith, Wireworker, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Customer Service

Hi! I’m Marie. I am the owner, creator, maker, and innovator for High Pass Body Jewelry. I created this small business many years ago to accommodate a back injury that left me temporarily disabled and unable to work a regular job. My resignation from my old job gave my body the time it needed to heal and walk again. Having had several piercings and finding it impossible to find body jewelry that lasted longer than one wear, I had been making my own for over a decade. Bringing my designs to the world has been an awesome experience! Thanks to the support of my customers, the fine details I put into my work, and a compassionate set of business ethics, my business is thriving since 2018.

Including being an innovator and small business owner, I also have a love for the outdoors, spending any spare time and energy with my animals (my family), hiking, backpacking, building, and enjoying the peace and love of nature. I’ve studied diverse subjects in college such as geography, weather and climate, geographic information systems, geology, general science, neuroscience, gerontology, fitness and nutrition, compositional music, and fine art with an emphasis on color theory. Never in all my dreams and passions did I think my fulfillment in life would be making teeny tiny pieces of jewelry! There’s never a dull moment, the world to conquer with so much to learn, and always appreciative each customer in some way.

One of the perks about my shop is my extensive knowledge about metals and stones so I can help people find what will work for them. I strive to reduce waste as much as possible and many of my methods eliminate use of hazardous chemicals, utilizing recycled gold and silver. I love waking up each day fulfilling my passion and creativity, being able to focus on each customer, design, and making those hand scribbled ideas come to life into something awesome & wearable. Making you feel and look dynamite is my #1 goal!

Enough about me, I want to hear about you and want you'd like! Send me a message today at to get started on your perfect custom piece. I also regularly make small adjustments to items I already make but maybe you'd like a couple smaller changes.

I look forward to helping you add a sexy, playful, and daring adventure to your style.


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*My designs are my property and may not be copied without written permission.


"You can't calm the storm, so stop trying.  What you can do is calm yourself.  The storm will pass."  -Timber Hawkeye