Covid-19 Prevention

As a response to the ongoing worldwide health pandemic and with Covid-19 on the rise, High Pass Body Jewelry has taken precautions into practice to decrease potential exposure to this virus.  Most of these precautions have already been implemented since my small business began, however this is a great opportunity to share my "neat freak" OCD steps with you.


Studio and work spaces are kept clean and sanitary at all times.

Before entering studio space, maker is maintaining cleanliness of self and surrounding spaces.

While making jewelry orders in the studio, sterile nitrile gloves, face mask, protective eye wear, and labratory overcoat is worn.

Tools are wiped and steam cleaned after each day's use to sanitize.  

Work surfaces are wiped and sanitized clean after each day's use.

Body jewelry is cleaned properly before being packaged and shipped.

Packaging and shipping is done wearing gloves and face mask. 

Care is taken when dropping items off at the post office to eliminate direct contact with surfaces.


I hope you stay safe and healthy during this crisis!


Kind Regards,

Marie Lane

High Pass Body Jewelry

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