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High Pass Body Jewelry

316L Stainless Steel Straight Barbell

316L Stainless Steel Straight Barbell

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Gauge and Barbell Length

This listing is for 1 replacement barbell, externally threaded straight bar used for body jewelry pieces. You can compliment hand made items from High Pass Body Jewelry or replace pieces of existing jewelry for your own use. Includes 1 piece only with the barbell and balls.

Straight barbell - nipple, daith, tragus, helix, second lobe, third lobe, eyebrow, lip, gauged earlobes, other cartilage, and more piercings.

316L Stainless Steel - surgical grade, hypoallergenic, never tarnishes

16g = 1.2mm with 4mm balls
14g = 1.6mm with 5mm balls
12g = 1.8mm with 6mm balls
10g = 2.0mm with 6mm balls

6mm < 1/4"
8mm = 5/16"
10mm > 3/8"
12mm < 1/2"
14mm = 9/16"
16mm = 5/8"
19mm > 3/4"
22mm < 7/8"

 = equals / < less than / > more than / ~ about

If you'd like a gauge or length that isn't available just send us a message before ordering to

This is a wholesale supply item.

How to wear this: Unscrew one or both of the balls from the end, slide bar through piercing, and screw the ball(s) back on the end.  


***Body jewelry cannot be returned due to hygiene standards that keep you safe from metals that react with the body and other hygiene reasons.

Processing time for this item is 1 business day. 

*This product contains nickel.

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