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14k Yellow Gold Mountain Seamless Nipple Ring

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14 karat yellow gold seamless nipple ring with a textured mountain silhouette.  Ultimate comfort with meticulously hand filed edges eliminate sharp edges or snagging.  Your new jewelry will be finished with a shiny polish and sanitized. This is an incredibly comfortable alternative to barbells.  Listing is for 1 piece, made by hand.

Uses: Healed piercings for nipple, other cartilage piercings.

Material: 14k Yellow Gold

Gauge is your piercing size

Length is measured by Inner Diameter

✔️Choose your length by measuring your fitted industrial barbell.  A good fit will be the length of your barbell without the balls.

= equals / < less than / > more than / ~ about


The mountains will vary depending on your chosen gauge, length, and material (see last photo).   

How to wear this: Hold gently on both sides of the seam, twist sideways at the seam to open only as wide as needed, insert into piercing, and twist back to close making sure the seam ends are together and smooth.