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14k White Gold Mountain Seamless Industrial Bar

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Alternative style seamless and bendable industrial bar for industrial piercings, made out of 14k solid white gold.  In the center is a textured mountain silhouette.  This is designed for those who don't like the appearance of the balls on the ends of a typical industrial barbell.  It doesn't get caught on hair and can be worn comfortably with glasses, face masks, curly hair, you name it!  Listing is for 1 piece, hand made.

Uses: Healed piercings for industrial, earlobe, other cartilage piercings.

Material: 14k White Gold

Gauge is your piercing size

Inner Diameter is exact mm to inch comparison
✔️Choose your length by measuring your fitted industrial barbell.  A good fit will be the length of your barbell without the balls (see photo).


Instructions for wearing this will be sent with your order.

How to wear this: Slide coil to the side, twist sideways at the seam (not apart widely!), remove coil, insert the "hook" ends through each piercing hole one at a time, slide the coil back on, twist the seam sideways to close, move the coil over the seam.

*This product contains nickel