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High Pass Body Jewelry

Double Banded Rose Gold IP 316L Stainless Steel Textured 14ga Nipple Ring

Double Banded Rose Gold IP 316L Stainless Steel Textured 14ga Nipple Ring

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Barbell Length
Single or PAIR

Rose gold hand made minimalist nipple ring with hammered double banded shield. The barbells are externally threaded with a removable shield, molded into a two rounded layers that fit comfortably over the nipple. The shields are hammered for texture, creating a light shimmering effect.

Material: Rose Gold IP 316L Stainless Steel 

Shield Material: 14k Rose Gold Fill - thick gold over brass

Gauge (piercing size): 14g (1.6mm)

Ball Size: 5mm

Barbell Length:

12mm < 1/2" with 8mm bar space
14mm = 9/16" with 10mm bar space
16mm = 5/8" with 12mm bar space
19mm > 3/4" with 15mm bar space
22mm < 7/8" with 18mm bar space

✔️Bar space is the available bar length for your piercing with the shield attached.

Inner Dimensions (within 1-2mm):

7mm drop for 12mm bars
8mm drop for 14mm bars
9mm drop for 16mm bars
11mm drop for 19mm bars
13mm drop for 22mm bars

✔️To find the right fit measure the length of your nipple with a ruler and divide by 2, add a couple millimeters if you'd like extra room.

How to wear this: Unscrew one of the balls from the end, place shield over your nipple, push the bar through the loop on the side of the shield and all the way through piercing, it will come out through the loop on the other side of the shield, screw the ball back on the end.  


*This product contains nickel and is compliant with European regulation.

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